Mighty Roots Academy Homeschool Program Details


Date and Time

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • 9:30-2:30
  • 15-week semesters starting in August and January.
  • Drop off 9:15-9:25/Pick up 2:30-2:40.
  • Students select 5 of the 15 classes offered. 1 must be Lunch and Discovery Play.
    • Students are placed in classes based on the date they enroll. We try to give all students their first choice of classes, but students will be offered their second choice if their first choice reaches maximum enrollment.
  • Creative Options Classes also available. Check the Creative Options page on the website: Theater, Mini Theater, Ballet, Tumbling, Book Club

How Classes Look:


  • All classes are multiage, using learning across multiple subjects, and an active learning approach.
  • Learning is taken outdoors whenever possible. Students should come with weather appropriate clothing and a change of clothing each day.
  • Schoolwork is self-contained within the academy therefore students do not receive daily homework.
  • Families are provided with a list of extension activities related to the class that can be completed at home if desired based on student and family needs.
  • Grades are given at 8 and 15 weeks each semester using a performance-based rubric. Due to the multi-age and ability level of students in our classes, grades are given based on students working to their full potential, desire to learn by participation in class activities, and contributing to the overall learning of the class.
  • Families receive a log with hours and subjects covered in each class at the end of the semester.



  • Enrollment Fee: $100 per child OR $200 per family for the school year (August 1st- August 1st of the following year.)
  • Tuition per semester: 5 monthly payments starting in July and January. 
    •  1st Student: $200/month 
    •  2nd Student: $180/month 
    •  3rd Student: $160/month 
    •  Additional Student(s): $150/month 
  • Enrollment is per semester not per a month. Enrolling late or stopping early still requires 5 payments.
  • A fundraiser is offered before the start of each semester. Funds a family raises goes towards paying their tuition for the semester. We want to make Mighty Roots affordable for families no matter their financial situation. This can allow families to raise up to 100% of their tuition cost, yet if other families do not want to participate in the fundraiser they are not required.

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Mighty Roots Academy

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